Respiratory Disorders

  1. My next test is over the respiratory system and the disorders of the respiratory system. My problem is this.....THEY ALL SEEM ALIKE TO ME! I'm having a hard time differentiating between a lot of them because the signs/symptoms and treatments are very similar. Also, the drugs are going to be a huge part of the test (asthma, TB, pneumonia, flu, etc, etc) . If anyone has a helpful website/study/way to study for this test, I would be so greatful!
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  3. by   kharing
    I'm studying to be an RT.....I can't imagine just going through a brief overview of the respiratory system. (Funny how I "blew" over the system in A&P though!) What helps me before exams are charts to differentiate between types of drugs (Cholinergic/Adrenergic etc.) To be honest, your best bet is to look over the assigned textbook and go from there. I use MedLine's website for specifics on diseases and research.