Renal Insufficiency

  1. HELP!!! I have to do a presentation on renal insufficiency tomorrow at post-conference at clinicals, and I can't find anything on renal insufficiency, only renal failure. They didn't tell me if she has chronic renal insuffcieny or acute or what. I just know I want to pull my hair out!! If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appricated!!!
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  3. by   dianah

    Try the above links. I got them simply by doing a google search (or you can do a yahoo search, or "ask jeeves") with the words "renal insufficiency."

    There seems to be a lot of good info (the first link had pictures and graphics, which I LOVE!! ), you should have enough to do a great job. Good luck! ------- D
  4. by   hollya5334
    Thank you so much! I really appricate it!!!