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  1. Ok, first I'm going to apologize for having no idea how to name this topic...but what I'm wondering is this--on the charts, when ARNPs and MDs make their progress notes, I sometimes see lab values written in a kind of graph that looks something like this:


    and there are lab values coming off of the little "arms" of the figure and on each side. Can anyone tell me which lab values are normally located where on the figure? I'm making a worksheet for clinical, and that drawing seems like a really easy/quick way to take note of important lab values. Thanks so much.
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    This type of shorthand for writing lab values is called a lattice format. The correct way of writing these grids is found on page 4 of the linked document (under "Tips for Medical SOAP Notes"):
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    there are previous threads on allnurses about this where others have called them fish scales. here are the threads which include descriptions of the lattices and what goes into each space. there is one for a chem7 and one for blood counts.
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    just be careful because each md/pa/np may have been taught the same way, but some change the location of their labs with time