question about percutaneous nephrostomy

  1. hello, i would like to ask if urine drain out to the skin surface after the removal of the percutaneous nephrostomoy PCN and what is the immediate care after the removal of PCN. thanks!:wink2:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Hi, coffeekat!

    Yes, urine can leak out of the site after the tube is removed. You should keep a clean dressing over the site to capture the urine that is draining. If there is a lot of urine drainage, notify the doctor. You can also put a colostomy bag over the site to catch the draining urine if there is a lot. That will save you from having to change the dressing all the time. If protecting the skin from breaking down becomes a problem, you should wash and dry the skin around the leaking site and apply zinc oxide ointment which will act as a barrier against the urine. Another type of barrier would be to place something like a Duo-Derm (that's a brand name for a colloidal dressing) over the skin with just enough of a hole cut into it to allow urine to drain through the old puncture wound, then place absorbant dressings on top of it to catch the draining urine.

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    thank you so much,Daytonite :roll
    your information help me a lot !
  5. by   Daytonite
    these same actions will work if you have a patient who had a paracentesis of the abdomen which continues to drain fluid after the procedure, as tends to happen if the patient is very large with ascites.