Put on Probation in third semester

  1. My first semester of nursing school, I made the mistake of leaving the room without making sure the patient had swallowed the pills. (I let the doctor tell me to leave, and that he would take care of it, should've stayed... I know) So I got written up.

    Fast forward to my third semester, I'm in OB.

    I had a critical lab value that I neglected to tell my instructor about, instead, I told the instructor that comes to help. I got written up for that. Now my anxiety level in this clinical rotation has been higher than I think I've ever had in my life. I've never felt this anxious and I've been looking forward to OB more than any other rotation SOO I'm extremely disappointed. This last week... I neglected to administer a stool softener and that was my THIRD write up. Now I'm on probation.

    Of course, several other things went on during the days but it's my mistake and I understand. I met with the instructor and the program director, they both said I'm extremely stressed and I need to start taking care of myself. My anxiety and stress have caused me to rattle off incredibly dumb answers during clinical when I'm asked because I've just been so nervous.

    I'm incredibly embarrassed and I really just want to know if anybody has ANY advice moving forward? I go to peds in a week (meeting with the instructor before clinical to discuss everything) and have one OB day left on the floor. I want to decrease my anxiety because I don't want this anxiety fog when I'm in clinical. I've never experienced this level of anxiety around a rotation or instructor before.
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  3. by   brownbook
    I think you are a great nurse. You own up to your mistakes, learn from them, don't make excuses.

    Honestly I don't understand about the lab value issue ?????? you did tell someone, that "error" seems kind of petty to me.

    Take a deep breath, think Brownbook, an acute care nurse of 30 plus years, is proud of me! . Laughter is the best medicine to stop anxiety...whatever jokes, humor, you can think of.

    I think your instructors are extra harsh, but they have to be, being a student is when you learn.

    Three errors in three semesters isn't that bad. You will make more throughout your nursing career. At least you know what to do when you make them. Joke with fellow nurses and students, "I'm an expert on what to do when you make a med error, I know exactly what to do".

    I'm positive fellow students have made errors. Either the instructors don't discuss it, or the student didn't get caught and even worse didn't fess up.
  4. by   mariemmarie
    Thank you so much for your response. It made me laugh and I needed that. I can't make another error or I am dismissed from the program which makes me feel uneasy but I know I will learn from these mistakes and make better choices.

    Thank you so so so much for taking the time to reply.
  5. by   brownbook
    Great, hope you can decrease your anxiety. When you feel anxious take a deeeeeep breath. Remember you have time to stop and think. What seems like 5 minutes when you're anxious is really 10 seconds.
  6. by   car48
    i think that doctor was a bit of a jerk. He went to how many years of medical school, and you have been a nurse for exactly zero seconds. It was protocol during my clinical that all meds be witnessed by my instructor while I administered them. She wanted to be able to help as many other students as she could, so oral meds she just left us to administer ourselves last. In addition to that I have heard the stories about obnoxious god complex doctors who can not stand to be questioned over anything. As a nurse I will go toe to toe with them as a patient advocate if I think something is wrong, but to expect that from a student is insane. Esp. with something like this that the only real nefarious activity going on was by the doctor. And doesn't he have better things to do than make up drama for student nurses in clinical? What part of what you described is in his job description? Does he teach? Does he teach at your school? Does he teach nursing? If not than maybe he should stick to something he knows something about.

    If they wanted to make the point not to do that they should of gone about it differently. Had that doctor actually been the god complex type and you questioning him you probably still would have gotten in trouble. I honestly don't know what was wrong with him to pull a stunt like that. Next time he tells you to do something don't do it because he didn't say "Simon Says". At least than you will speaking to him on the same maturity level.
  7. by   mariemmarie
    I appreciate the post! Made me laugh !!My instructor was supposed to be present the entire time but needed to tend to another student at the time. I guess I was naive thinking when I reminded the pt to take them that the dr would back me up. You live and you learn! My instructor still regrets that write up.