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  1. I Desperatly Need Help On This Paper Its Where We Interview Patient And Then Evualate It Any Suggestions
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  3. by   Elysium_Won
    Are you talking about a Process Recording? We are doing these in my psych clinical this semester. We were given a form to use for these. Basically, it is three columns: #1 we write down the dialogue between ourself and the client, #2 we record any non-verbal communication by the client, #3 we record our thoughts/reflections on what is happening. There are also guidelines for listing the setting of the conversation, length of the conversation, etc. If you google "Process Recording", there are several school that have posted sample forms and sites with more in-depth information.
    Good Luck.
  4. by   Daytonite
    are you referring to process recordings? i have one link to information on process recordings. i hope you find it helpful. we had to do them when i was in my bsn program 20 years ago and they were very time-consuming. we had been given several journal articles that described the various therapeutic responses to help us out. they, however, are long-gone history, lost through a number of moves i've made over the years, so i'm sorry i don't have them to share with you as resources: - guideline on how to prepare an interpersonal process recording from university of north carolina at wilmington school of nursing