plz i need hep in my scenario

  1. iam a nurse student and i had take scenario about woman whe had hysterectomy and BSO to treat a history of menorrhagia that did not respone to drugs therapy

    my learing issue was

    anexity realted to hospitalization and surgical procedure, nursng actions and family support

    so plz can you help me on it because i did not find any information about in the internet and our book

    iam waiting for your help

    thank you very much
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Hopefully, this will get you started. The patient's anxiety is most likely to be due to (1) realization that she is no longer going to be able to have children of her own since all her female reproductive organs have been removed, (2) from that may come a feeling of failure as a woman because of the failure of her reproductive organs, and perhaps (3) failure to give her husband any (more) children to carry on his family line, and (4) concern over healing now that the surgery is over. Here is our U.S. society (5) is concern over being able to experience the same intensity of organsm and pleasure during intercourse after the surgery. Most women undergoing sugery on their reproductive organs have a lot of emotional responses and issues over it. As you are from another country I would think that the issues of a woman's role of being the bearer of children to carry on the man's family name would be a very important one. So, ask yourself how important a woman's childbearing role is in your society and how failure to fullfill that role is going to cause anxiety. Those are the first five things that came to my mind. You will then base your nursing actions on things to reduce, manage or treat the patient's anxieties.
  4. by   hind nussr
    thank you Daytonite very much but i want to tel you that she do not have husband and she live with her married sons she is between 45-50 yrs