Pls help w/ evidence-based practice procedure issue

  1. Are there procedures that you do all the time and you wonder why they are done that way (ie. central line dressing changes - prepping the area for 30 sec w/ chloroprep, allowing to dry for 30 sec, etc)?

    I need to find a procedure perfomed by nurses and validate why they are done in that specific way, using evidence-based practice articles as support.

    Any help/ suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Hi, GradinDec07, and welcome to allnurses!

    Well, I know a few things about the EB practice surrounding central line dressing changes. The articles for that are in the journal published by the Intravenous Nurses Society. You can get them through your school library or a medical library.

    You have to go to the library and pull the reader's guide nursing reference that lists the articles for the nursing journals. They are published for each year. Have a librarian help you. Then, go to a subject in the guide that you are interested in and it will list any articles that were published for that year. You have to pull the articles and read them to see if they are what you are looking for. If they are, then you also look at the articles that are referenced and pull them too.
  4. by   Wanderlusty
    Thanks for the welcome and your input, Daytonite!