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  1. I might be in quite a dilemma and I need some advice. I recently finished all my general required classes at Columbus state. Beginning next year I will start my core nursing classes. The problem is that I work full time as a pharmacy coordinator in LTC . They are flexible with classes, but I still need to get my 40hrs in. Does anyone have any suggestions about clinicals, loans or anything that would help me out. Since half of my coursework is done I will be taking 2-3 classes a quarter, but I need to pay my bills. Will this be too much? Anyone worked full-time in school? Please advise.
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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    I know a few people who work full time while being in the nursing program. I don't know how they do it. I managed 35 hours a week for a quarter and a half and then i cut back to about 25.

    Have you filled out a fafsa? How about using some of the federal loans to supplement your income?

    What was the main problem for me was having to go and pick out our patient ahead of time (day/night before) and then have to do up a pathophysiology on their disease and do drug cards for all their medications and developing the care plan. That took up a good portion of my day before clinicals.

    There are people that do it, but if at all possible I would try to work less.
  4. by   Brigi23
    I know a few people that were attempting what you are, and 2 didn't make it, 1 did but it was extremly difficult! You can take out subsidized and unsubsidized stafford loans. The perkins loan doesn't have to be paid back as long as you are working full time after you get out.
  5. by   RobCPhT
    Thanks you guys. I will try to get more loans for what I need. The drug cards won't be too bad. I am a pharm coordinator now so I have to know all those questions for when I get calls from staff. The disease research may be consuming though.