please explain fully

  1. please explain to me fully the five rights of delegation in nursing management

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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, `resonance! it's been a long time since your last post. here's the answer to your question.

    keep in mind that you are only delegating a task, not accountability. ultimately, accountability remains with the rn who does the delegating. the five rights of delegation are:
    1. right task - it is your job to be aware that the task is within the persons scope of practice, is allowed by their job description and by the facility policy and procedures and not violating any law. this means that you need to know what jobs are appropriate for nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and rns to perform.
    2. right circumstances - your job is to make sure the task is appropriate for the situation and that resources are available for the person to carry out the task successfully
    3. right person - your job is to be aware that the person you have chosen for the task has been properly trained to perform it, has performed it correctly before and you are aware of their experience in doing it
    4. right communication - you have given clear, concise details of the task including your expectations, provided a deadline by when the task should be completed and that the employee understands the expectations and the deadline. it is generally a good idea to provide the employee with positive feedback if they have done a good job.
    5. right supervision - it is your job to monitor, evaluate and intervene as needed