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  1. I am an LPN nursing student who has completed Long term clinicals and am now starting acute care. Can anyone advise what I am to expect in acute care and what should I know before I start it? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!-Aileen
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    Also; are there any books I should buy that will help me in this clinical? I want to be well prepared. Thank you again-Aileen
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    i suppose the biggest difference you are going to see is the pace. acute hospital patients are treated for their acute problems and then discharged. acute hospitals literally mean the patients are supposed to stay less than 30 days. you will see that the focus of their treatment will be on the medical plan. although nursing will have a lot of input as well, the medical plan is what gets the primary focus. so, you'll want to be prepared to know what your patients' diseases are, the customary medical treatments that will be ordered and the nursing responsibilities in carrying out the medical treatment. you will also be assessing the patients for their ability to perform their adls as you did in long term care. in long term care, however, patients and the nurses develop routines. that doesn't necessarily happen in the acute hospitals. patients are in for a few days and then discharged.

    you should have access to references to help you learn about the pathophysiology and treatment of the many medical diseases you are going to see. you will need to be looking up medications, lab tests as well as many other types of tests that you are going to see ordered. here is a list of some websites that you should bookmark to help you find some of this information if it isn't in your textbooks:

    for sites aimed more at the consumer (easier to read and understand!):

    medline plus (use the search box)

    healthfinder (use the search box)

    medicine net diseases & conditions a to z index

    medicine net symptoms & signs a to z index

    medicine net procedures & tests a to z index

    health a to z - diseases and conditions page (use the search box)

    aetna intelihealth (use the search box)

    peacehealth consumer information (use the search box)

    emedicinehealth first aid and consumer health information list of topics from a to z

    encyclopedia of surgery

    lab tests online

    for sites aimed more at healthcare personnel:

    merck manual of diagnosis and therapy (use search box)

    family practice notebook (use search box)

    medicine net diseases & conditions a to z index

    cleveland clinic disease management project (only major diseases)

    emedicine (you may have to register to view articles, but registration is free)

    web md index list of tests

    web md index list of medical conditions

    web md index list of symptoms

    surgical (links are at left and top of page)