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  1. Does anyone have a peds assessment form or flowsheet? We start peds clinicals this weekend and although I have a plethora of information, I am having trouble putting it all together in one form. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    check the links posted by vickyrn in the health assessment reasources, techniques, and forms sticky thread of this forum at i'm sure there is one there.
  4. by   CarolinaGal
    Thanks Daytonite - I spent a lot of time looking through those assessments others have posted and could not find exactly what I was looking for, i.e., a peds assessment. Maybe there isn't such a thing?? Thanks for the reply, anyway!

  5. by   Daytonite
    in general, you are going to find that most nursing programs and hospitals are not going to share their assessment forms and tools with you because they are proprietary (owned by them). i would recommend that you try to get a blank copy of the assessment form used by the pediatrics or newborn unit of every facility you are sent to. you could also try going into these facilities and identifying yourself (take your college id) as a nursing student and ask for these forms. be prepared to be refused them, however. if you can't get them, you next step would be to hit the peds textbooks and develop your own assessment tool if your nursing instructors haven't given you this information. you are going to learn and remember scads more by developing your own assessment form. and, as i repeat time after time in my posts on nursing care plans, assessment is the most important ingredient in writing a care plan--a care plan is only as good as the assessment data you obtain.

    use your copy and paste commands to create a simple assessment tool on a new word document that you can have ready for your next clinical. if you do not know how to do this, pm me and i will explain how to copy and paste text from a website. you can copy onto a word document using the "paste special" command so the text you are copying pastes onto the document you are creating in the font and size you want to save time--not what is formatted from the webpage. i copy selected text from webpages like this all the time. it's the new way of note taking from the internet.

    i went through all the links on the health assessment resources, techniques, and forms thread and found 3 links with pediatric assessments on them. they are not in a formatted form, but the information that is needed to gather information for a pediatric assessment is definitely there! so, i'm confused as to what you are looking for.

    the link to a 9-page pediatric assessment (i just opened it up and looked at the file) is on post #8 ( ) is there something wrong with this assessment tool?

    on post #22 is a link to the hacc nursing school online resources. click on the link to the left for nursing 104 and then click on "syllabus" when the nursing 104 page comes up. explore the powerpoint presentations for the various campus sites. at least one of the powerpoint presentations has information on newborn assessment on it. you may have to create your own form from this information.

    post #30 has a link to an assessment of infants, children, and adolescents that is in a pdf file that you can download and save on your own computer. the last part of the file goes through an extensive physical examination and what to look for in the various ages from newborn to adolescent by body part/system. it is superb. there is also developmental information in this file.
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    since this thread was started links to pediatric assessment forms were placed on post #33 of this sticky thread:
    Health Assessment Resources, Techniques, and Forms - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms
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    Quote from supermom374
    I just stumbled upon this, and guess what? It's the form from my school! I guess they know what they're doing anyway! Thanks!
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    Supermom374, this is the BEST peds assessment I've seen so far. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!