Pediatric assessment

  1. Does anyone have any links on pediatric care including pediatric assessments, performing basic patient care for pediatric clts etc. Thanks, I will be doing my pediatric rotation and will have to perform all types of care. Does anyone know where I can find videos, etc. Thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i only have one link which is a form for pediatric assessment and i don't know how much help it would be for you. - pediatric assessment sheet (kind of old)- the last page, however, has a good assessment of the patient by age appropriate behavior for a child

    in general, you still want to follow the same guidelines in doing a physical assessment that you do with adults with some special attention to developmental goals that should have been reached by the child at certain ages. i don't have anything else except for newborn assessment. try going into the links for assessment listed on this thread: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum)

    there are a number of links there to medical schools that have videos.