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  1. Hello. I would love to get some advices from you guys.
    I don't know what's wrong with me. Throughout all of high school and college taking a different major I graduated from (which was in French back in my country where French is the first language), I have never received below an A-. Even after moving to U.S., learning English for a year and going back to college all over again in a new language and a new field, I have had straight A's all through general eds and nursing pre-reqs and have always been so proud of that. I passed the Hesi finishing the test in less than 3 hours with a strong A after studying for only a weekend. Going into the nursing program, a lot of people said I should not expect the same and my advisor even straight up told me that with English as my second language, there was less than 30% of chances that I make it. I started pretty well however. But all that started to become a reality the second semester in the program when I got 2 B's. I thought it was the lowest I could get, but it just kept getting worse the third semester when I started Med Surg 1. I barely passed (and for the first time I was happy with a C). The next semester got even worse: I failed Med Surg 2. All that while still making A's and high B's in the other classes of the program.
    I'm retaking med-surg this semester and it is killing me. I have never gotten above 76% in that class this semester and currently am struggling to pass. We need a 75% to pass and I just got the results of the second exam back with a 63%. What a shock. I want to put that horrible grade on the fact that I was sick for 2 weeks before and missed classes, which is why I dropped from 76 to 63%, but I don't wanna makes excuses because 76% was not a good grade to start with. No matter how much I study the content, do practice questions, and listen in class, I just don't do well. I tried quizlets and ressources on Evolve. I even bought the Elsevier Med surg Study guide. I tried making some changes in the way I prepare muself for this class. When I go over some of the questions of the test after, I mostly wonder to myself WHY I answered things the way I did when the answer was so obvious, but sometimes, I feel like I have never seen in my entire life what the questions and answers were about. I read the material so much that at the end of a chapter I am already all confused. How badly am I organizing myself? What am I doing so wrong? i still don't get it. Most of our class has been doing good actually, and on the last exam everyone did wayyy better and I still did horrible. I tried asking for advices from some and their answers are mainly the same, "I just go over the material." And when I ask any of those doing great whether we could study together, they usually respond, "I can't teach others" or "I can only study by myself." I finally convinced a classmate doing great to study together, but he never showed up and later sent me a study guide he said was made by a friend of hos and that could help me. Of course I got nothing out of it. And let me add that in my other classes this semester, I have been getting only A's so far. Why not Med surg 2?
    It really is my last chance and we only have 2 exams left. How hard can it be to get a minimum of 82 twice? I'm starting to think that maybe it's a sign that I'm not supposed to be a nurse or something. I feel so defeated and like such a failure. I really feel like the lowest of all and it is à feeling I was not used to at all. Have I always been this stupid? Is it new? Is so where is that coming from? And why just Med Surg. Im trying for the SECOND time. There are people in my class that receive 100%, 98%, 96%, all of these high grades on exams. How come I'm barely passing?! I feel totally incompetent and extremely stupid. I don't know what else to do. I'm starting to feel like maybe I'm just not smart enough or maybe my first advisor was right? It feels like my world is just coming crashing down and that I might fail out of nursing school when I've never gave up before on something because I failed. What a harsh reality ☹️
    I tried looking into hiring tutors to help me, but the state of Georgia seems to not have any. All I found was some people probably trying to scam me saying they could "tutor" me and all I had to do was to send them the blueprint, the material, and my school account informations so they would get everything "ready for me". I suggested meeting at the library on campus instead and they never responded back. I tried other tutor search websites with no success.
    Does anyone have any advice or anything that could help? For those who struggled in that class and recorvered, what did you do? For those who made all A's in that class from exam 1, what was your secret?.
    Thank you. And sorry for the super long question/explanation.
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  3. by   Kuriin
    You could get Davis' Success for Medical-Surgical Nursing. It's a book full of NCLEX styled questions. Perhaps your brain just doesn't know how to answer those types of questions, yet?

    BTW, paragraphs. Please.
  4. by   iluvivt
    Oh dear I feel bad for you but in order to get through med surg you must really have a strong understanding of pathophysiology. Going over questions will not help much if you do not have a strong understanding of the material.You must have a good physiology and pathophysiology book and before you can understand the abnormal you must know the normal functioning.Then once you understand the abnormal the treatment and nursing care follows.I had the highest score in my class and I know its because I had my physiology book with me and Arthur Guytons pathophysiology with me.Keep trying ..don't
    give up