One formula for all IV problems? / Extraneous math info

  1. I've read that dimensional analysis is the best way to solve for any/all math problems but I just can't wrap my head around it. Is there a formula that is useful for all IV problems? Like drop rate, infusion pump etc.

    How do I exclude extra information? Like if the question asks:

    Heparin drip of D5W 250cc with Heparin 25,000 units infusing at 8cc/hour How many units per hour is the patient recieving? And If the MD increased the dosage to 1100 units/hr how many cc/hr will this be?

    What is the best way formula wise to set these up without including unneeded number info into the equation?

    Another one is: KVO with D5W what hourly volume will you give? and What is the drop rate/min?

    Don't you still need some info besides just KVO? What type of IV set would you use for KVO?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    please see the links for iv flow rate and calculation problems on this sticky thread: