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Anyone out there who are older nursing students who work a part time job too? Any advice on how to study the material? Feedback would be helpful. I am in in fast paced 13 month program and have a... Read More

  1. by   scrapworking
    Thank you very much for your encouraging words Mahage! I'll look into the program you mentioned as well. Thank YOU!
  2. by   shadowrose45
    Quote from lcamp99
    I am 54, recently retired from teaching elementary grades and taking my first pre-req for nursing. I don't have a background in the sciences....I am "quaking" a bit but am determined to learn. I am in the Atlanta area and anxious to hear from those of you who may be in a similar situation. I feel pretty sure I am one of the OLDER ones in the groups.....doesn't bother me.....just thrilled and excited that I am having the opportunity to begin what I have dreamed for a long time. Thanks for all the great messages. I have been reading on this site each night and finally decided to join in on the forum.
    You'll have an advantage, actually. With a background in education--you are taught how people learn. Use those skills in your own learning

    The thing I've found is that it's harder to memorize things as I get older, though. Much of your early courses will be memorization (the pre-reqs) so you'll have to develop skills based on your learning type--visual, auditory, etc--however you learn best. Ultimately, studying using all routes is best.
  3. by   Litenurse2b
    Hi Lyn,
    I was wondering how school is going for you since you should have quite a bit behind you by now....so, I thought I would ask.
    Is it great? I hope so....
  4. by   Jshoeffler
    Hello all,

    First post. I am 39 and doing pre reqs now. I will be 40 by the time I actually enter a 2 year program and 42 by the time I can get a license. Eight years in the military and 12 years in the freight industry and now I am completely changing gears. I am both really excited and really nervours at the same time. Right now I am just hoping to make it through Chemistry which I hear is pretty rough. That starts in January.

    What I would really like to do is be able to go to school full time and not worry about work but since I dont want to be a homeless student, I don't think that would be a good idea. I am hoping to get some grants or even loans for nursong school. I am also intersted in any hints that you folks may have to those us us that are "pre-freshmen" in this little journey.

    Here we go, happy holidays and good luck studying.

  5. by   seasoned hopeful
    hi scott,

    have you checked out fafsa (pell grants)? you also could consider loans, it is not the best to be in debt, but sometimes that is the only way it can happen.

    good luck and keep your eye on the prize!!!
  6. by   FLmomof5
    Not only was I 46 when I started my pre-reqs, I was a single mom of 5 (3 were in the Army), but I worked FT. I took out student loans to cover the costs. I did not get any financial aid from the FAFSA because I already have a Bachelor's in EE.

    My first term in NS, I was awarded the BCBS nursing scholarship and I qualified for the FL Worksource grant (pd tuition, books, uniforms, equipment, and paid gas $. (This was because I was laid off during the downturn.) I was rehired by the same company the day after NS started!

    I work FT, have my 16 yo daughter at home, my 20 yo daughter @ UNF, and my 3 older kids are out of the Army and back home enrolled in FSCJ as well. I still have the worksource grant but take out student loans to help with the other kids! LOL. Anyway, I did get married a bit over a year ago. I have a totally supportive hubby who is scheduled to be deployed to Afganistan in Jan. My plate is full!!!

    When you do everything I do, you have to focus on 2 things....(1) keep your eye on the goal! (2) it is more important to get the RN than it is to get at 4.0. Because I don't freak out about getting a 'B', the stress I put on myself is so much less. It does still hurt when 93% is an 'A' and my final grade for 1 class was 92.7%!!!!! OUCH! Oh well, that same term we lost 3 who failed that course.

    I never miss a class. I transcribe my notes onto 3.5 cards so that I can review anytime, anyplace. I have been known to take a day off of work to study for the final. I never let myself get behind. Playing 'catch-up' could really add unnecessary stress!

    You can do anything when you set your mind to it!
  7. by   Maggie88
    I am 44 years old and will be starting my pre-req's for NS Jan. 2010. It is an accelerated course. The actual Nursing classes will start in Aug 2010 and take 16 months. I currently work in a hospital as a Health Unit Coordinator. I am hoping to be able to work part-time once the actual Nursing classes begin. I am pretty determined to make it through school with no less than a 3.8 GPA. Financially and mentally I know it will be tough but in 2 years when I have that RN license I know it will be worth it!
    Good luck to everyone and keep blogging, we'll help each other through it!
  8. by   USParamedic2RN
    Hey ladies,

    I am 47, living in the Middle East with hubby who is an airline pilot. I am going thru Excelsior which is perfect for me since there is no nursing schools that I can go to over here and I'm able to do it all online. They even have a testing center in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I will have some gen ed classes to either clep out of or take, i do have some from wayyy back that will transfer over. Waiting on admissions to get me finished with my enrollment. I went to Paramedic school at 36 and that was the hardest thing i did in my life! I was in class with kids barely old enough to drive an ambulance, let alone be a Paramedic but I stayed focused. I had manadatory " close the bedroom door, read and study" time and the kids which were 12 and 9 knew that during that time, no disruptions and call Gram who lived 2 miles away with help. I remember some of the younger students who were way behind on clinicals and/or didn't get their objectives turned in on time and our instructor blew a rod! She ( although i was emabarrassed) reminded those students that if a single mother that worked fulltime raising kids alone could follow the requirements and stay current, then surely they could. I think as older students, we're sometimes more focused because we know how easily time, chapters, information can be lost and we can get way behind quick. We are apt to stay on top of things more and we're harder on ourselves. I remember being devistated that I made a B and not an A on a test and worried so much about the National Registry exam ( the nclex for Paramedics ) and scoring high on it. My instructor took me in her office and said " Melanie, they don't post test scores on your license or that Patch that you will wear on your uniform designating your level of training" I think we appreciate what we're doing at this age than we would if we had done it earlier. Age is just a number and maturity is on our side. I figure if i get my RN before I get senility, I am still ahead of the game
  9. by   nursegc
    I am also a returning "older" student entering a nursing program in the fall. I have a B.A. and M.F.A. in another field and plan on transferring to NYU just after I finish this program.
    I work very hard to maintain my high GPA. It is not easy returning to school at this age (47), but I am enjoying all of the challenges. It is exciting to focus just on school. My daughter is finished with collage and out in the work world doing her own thing. I wish everyone embarking on this as a second career the best. It is an exciting time to be in heath care.
  10. by   lcamp99
    Hi everyone. I haven't been on this thread for some time. I am finishing my last prerequisite classes and applying for Spring 2011 to a BSN program. Hopefully I will know something soon about my application. I am a retired elementary teacher and former administrator. I just happen to be a young 56 and can't wait to get started!! Look forward to our chats. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
  11. by   RNin2012
    I don't know if anyone is still interested after 12 pages of posts on this topic. I guess I am not an older student compared to others, but I am 36, I work part time (~20/week) as an aide with Hospice, and I have 5 children ages 1.5 - 10.

    It takes discipline and will power, but so far I am done with my pre-reqs, half way through my first semester of clinicals and still holding on to my 4.0. I don' t sleep much, but I manage.
  12. by   mb1949
    Just an update, I have finished school, pass NCLEX, got my license, and am looking for the elusive first job, I started this journey at 55 and finished at 59, wow, it was a journey but hang in there it is all worth it.
  13. by   lcamp99
    you have just given me a lift like you can't imagine, then again, maybe you can imagine it after all! I am hoping to enter nursing school at 56 and exit with a degree at 59. Your post gave me a morale boost that shot to the moon. I wish you all good things in the future and thank you for your encouragement!!