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Anyone out there who are older nursing students who work a part time job too? Any advice on how to study the material? Feedback would be helpful. I am in in fast paced 13 month program and have a... Read More

  1. by   Mahage
    Quote from oldiebutgoodie
    I'll join! Graduated with BSN as a 52 year old, now 55 and am a certified wound/ostomy nurse.

    I really doubted my choice at first, but now I have found my niche.

    Go, oldies!

    Its really great to find so many of us on here. Where I work there are quiet a few nurses my age and older but they are all old veterans. There is one resident who is probably in her late 40's early 50's but I haven't had a chance to get to know her yet. I really am glad to hear from so many either in school or who started in their 50's. I think the issues we share may be a bit unique. Put me down for the over 50 club!

  2. by   Mahage
    Quote from powers2004
    Was getting into NS really hard?
    It wasn't hard for me. I applied to two programs and was accepted in both. Our community college program accepted me on my first application. I chose to go to a private program because it was summers only. It was considered very hard to get into the community college program because there was so much competition. I needed to work as much as I could, so I felt the summers only private school program was the best option for me as it was 3 summers where we went for 4 months. This was an accelerated 12 month program. They told us it would be like "taking a shower under a fire hose!" They were right. But our program was great. Everyone passed NCLEX in our class. Our professors were incredibly supportive. It was worth the extra expense.

    It is hard to believe all the horror stories I hear about nasty nazi instructors and the "elimination approach" that many schools take to keep their NCLEX oass rate up. Our instructors took it as a personal failure if any of us did poorly, thus they were very motivated to go the extra mile with us. This proved to be a God send for me as my daughter became very ill before my first summer ended and my instructors allowed me to take all the time off I needed and to complete my clinicals in Oct. which I would have completed in Aug. had she not become critically ill. This school really went the extra mile with me and several other students that I know of.

    Explore all your options. Don't just limit yourself to one program. If you don't get in the first time, reapply. Many quality people don't get in the first time. I had prereqs with another gal who was younger than me but her kids were grown. One was an RN. She and I were always neck n'neck in our prereq grades and she wasn't accepted first go around. She only applied to the community college. I heard she went into the LPN program with plans to do transition from LPN to RN. That is an option for some.

    Good luck to you and every one else working on prereqs.

  3. by   lcamp99
    Thanks for the encouragement. Great idea about sitting in on an additional class!
  4. by   powers2004
    I have six pre-req to go before I apply to NS, 2 are A&P , I also have to take the ACT and make a 19 . I think if I can do all of that I am going to be ready for anthing!! I work as a hairstylist now and have a husband and a 4 year old so I know things won't be easy but reading what all of you have done really moves me!!!!
  5. by   Mahage
    Quote from powers2004
    I have six pre-req to go before I apply to NS, 2 are A&P , I also have to take the ACT and make a 19 . I think if I can do all of that I am going to be ready for anthing!! I work as a hairstylist now and have a husband and a 4 year old so I know things won't be easy but reading what all of you have done really moves me!!!!
    A 4 year old, wowie! You may have a few years on some of the others but you are going back because you really want to. That makes you a very appealing candidate for many programs. I don't envy you however going to school with a little kid. Your husband will need to jump in there and help out. One of my classmates had 3 teenage sons and her husband was a cop. He asked her what she needed him to do when she was in school and she answered "everything" without skipping a beat. Her kids were pretty disciplined and everyone had to increase their load while Mom was in school during the summers.

    I had to sacrifice a lot of time with my grandkids. I plan to start school in Jan. for my FNP and I want to have better time management so I can spend more time with them. They say FNP school isn't as hard as AS was. I hope that is true. BSN wasn't as hard as AS was but it took a lot of time to do all the papers we had to do particularly in Community Health.

    I know when I start my clinicals, I may have to cut back on my work schedule. We will see what happens.

  6. by   powers2004
    I wish you luck in FNP!! I am scared to death ,and hope that the teachers have patients with me. The ACT Test is my worry now, I am going to continuing edu for that
  7. by   Lyn In NY
    Thanks for the encouragement. Unless you have been thru this - It is hard to understand. All my friends are looking forward to retirement within a few years and here I am just beginning - AGAIN.
  8. by   new51
    Hi just read your thread and I feel the same way. I have no social life and my house at times can be messy too. Luckily it's just me here and I can just close doors. But like you all I ever seem to do is study, eat, work p/t and watch the medical shows on cable t/v. I dont even have the energy to gossip anymore because its a waste of my time. So hang in there everyone!!! And keep all the encorageing threads coming!!
  9. by   new51
    Hi Amy, I'm taking pre-reqs too. I started back in the summer of 08. I want you to know you can do this. I wasn't a great student in H.S years ago, but I'm kicking ass now. Just put your mind to it and you'll surpass. The key is not to get lazy and to stay on top of your reading, surround yourself with teachers and people who believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. Welcome!
  10. by   powers2004
    what pre-reqs are you takeing? I have to reg. the 24th for spring sem. I think I am going to take math, music and psy2
  11. by   powers2004
    Has anyone taken there pre-reqs online , like algebra? also I want to tell you all about this site it is really helpful www.studio4learning.tv
  12. by   LeesaRN
    Yes, I did take some prereq's on line. English II and hisory. I would not advise math unless you are very strong at it. I needed help because I did not use that kind of math everyday. I took advantage of are math lab at school and got a C. I'm not that stong in math. I'm so proud to read all of these post from us older students. It makes me feel great. I love this site because I really don't have time for much, but I do need so down time in between studying. Good luck on the ACT I'm sure you will do great.:typing God Bless to all Leesa "Forty in the new 20" ( Ha Ha Ha:chuckle)
  13. by   shann106
    I am 35, single mom and I work a full time job and part time at another job, am a full time student and have maintained a 4.0. I have classes all day on Tues/Thurs and clinicals from 6:30-12pm on Wed and Friday. I work 12 hour shifts on Sat, Sun and Monday at a walk in clinic(as an xray tech and medical assistant) and then on either Wed or Fri afternoons(or both) I work for a company that does onsight insurance physicals.
    I take every possible opportunity i have to study, I take my backpack everywhere. If I take my daughter to dance or girl scouts I have my books with me. I am lucky enough that my boss at my full time job lets me study at work if we are slow and everything is caught up. At my part time job I put flashcards in my pocket and then if there is a lul in the day (usually only 10 minutes) I pull them out and flip through them.
    I also bought a ton of post it notes and put questions on the front and the answers on the back. I put them on my kitchen cabinets and around my vanity so that if I am cooking or getting ready I can see them. If I flip it over and its right I take it down and throw it away, if I get it wrong it goes back on the cabinet.
    I tape lectures and sometimes I listen to them on the 1 hour 15min drive to and from school.
    Somtimes I throw flashcards in my cup holder of my car and go through them at stoplights. It's jut about using every moment to its fullest.

    Also I bought a 3ftX 5ft 4 month calendar (the dry erase kind) and it is on my dining room wall (where I study) and it has every single thing that needs to be done from tests, papers, bdays, work,events etc so I can always look at a glance and see where I can find time to study, or plan ahead to have what I need with me.