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  1. Hello,
    I am a new member of allnurse .com and a student nurse, I am asking if any of you guys can help me with my research regarding PANCREATITIS can you please send me any topics regarding nursing care to a patient suffering from pancreatitis, thanks a lot

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    hi, bbalaan61!

    the care of any patient always starts with an understanding of the disease, it's signs and symptoms, the tests that the doctor's are going to order to determine the presence and extent of the disease process and the medical treatment that is going to be ordered. so, the nursing care of a patient suffering from pancreatitis will depend on the signs and symptoms he/she is having as well as the tests, treatments and medications the doctors are likely to order. i am providing you with plenty of links where you can get that information.

    if you still have specific questions, please ask. welcome to allnurses! - links to information on hepatitis - acute pancreatitis - chronic pancreatitis,ihw|~st,24479|~r,wsihw000|~b,* | - acute pancreatitis,ihw|~st,24479|~r,wsihw000|~b,* | - chronic pancreatitis

    these weblinks have more specific information about the medical treatment of the various types of pancreatitis - chronic pancreatitis, includes management - acute pancreatitis - causes of pancreatitis