Need some help with this nursin question... Pls help

  1. have one more quick question for whoever can help.
    in relation to this full thickness burns victim ,

    what inteventions would you put in place and why to stop risk for ineffiecient tissue perfusion related to peripheral constriction secondary to circumferential burn wounds of the arm.

    i dont quite understand... ineffiecient blood supply to tissue ?? what could u do as an intervention ?

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  3. by   mcknis
    Use this site for more information on care plans in the future, but for right now I found what you needed to know under the burns category on the same page. BTW - if you need another care plan on burns, go to the end of this page, click on burns, and then you will be given other NDx you could use. Just keep clicking until a "big" page opens with dx and interventions with rationales is able to be seen.

    Here it is:

    Hope this helps you out a little bit.