Need help with Health Promotion Care Plan Paper

  1. Hey everyone I need help my teacher gave us an assignment we had to interview a person and get a complete health history and information about their psychosocial life, each body system, ect. and then we have to pick out a few areas for health promotion and pick one to write a nursing diagnosis on and a complete care plan on. I interviewed myself since I figured it would be easiest and I realized my major issues were stress due to school, my health, finances, my relationship and being away from home. From my health interview I realized I am very stressed about finances and I also am trying to eat healthier and workout but I can not afford healthy food. I have been put on blood pressure pills due to hypertension, which may be due to my stress levels. Anyways I narrowed my Nursing diagnosis down to a few, I really like Stress Overload R/T multiple stressors, I also though the Readiness for enhanced management of therapeutic regimen because I want to work on my health and hypertension but I do not have the resources to do it as well as I would like. I am not sure which one works best for me but I was thinking Stress Overload, my biggest issue at this point though if I choose that if figuring out how to write unique nursing interventions to stress overload. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know!
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    First, make certain that you can do a self-evaluation rather than a health interview/assessment of someone else. The interview skills may be a part of the assignment.

    That said do you have a NANDA-I 2012-2014 nursing diagnosis book? There are specific criteria to be met in order to apply a specific nursing diagnosis. In addition a good nursing diagnosis handbook will include specific goals to meet.

    Remember ADPIE when creating your plan. My book isn't handy but it sounds like the right track though I suspect your assignment would be much easier to set goals for someone else rather than a self assessment.

    Goals should always be SMART ( Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely/time specific )
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    I'm going to quote member GrnTea to hopefully point you in the right direction:
    A nursing diagnosis statement translated into regular English goes something like this: "I think my patient has ____(diagnosis)_____________ . He has this because he has ___(related factor(s))__. I know this because I see/assessed/found in the chart (as evidenced by) __(defining characteristics)________________."

    "Related to" means "caused by," not something else. In many nursing diagnoses it is perfectly acceptable to use a medical diagnosis as a causative factor. For example, "acute pain" includes as related factors "Injury agents: e.g. (which means, "for example") biological, chemical, physical, psychological."

    To make a nursing diagnosis, you must be able to demonstrate at least one "defining characteristic." Defining characteristics for all approved nursing diagnoses are found in the NANDA-I 2012-2014 (current edition). $29 paperback, $23 for your Kindle at Amazon, free 2-day delivery for students. NEVER make an error about this again---and, as a bonus, be able to defend appropriate use of medical diagnoses as related factors to your faculty. Won't they be surprised!
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    Thanks for your advice everyone. My teacher told me we could use ourselves for the assignment I am not sure why it didn't make sense to me but I knew it would be easiest because I know myself the best so I chose myself. Anyways I asked her about my proposed Diagnosis and she said that would work. I am just having trouble finding really good nursing interventions to use for stress overload, other than the ones in my book (and yes I do have an Ackley nursing diagnosis book! it is great) but I wanted to incorporate more unique personal nursing interventions other than those generic ones. I am just having trouble because I am trying to find scientific evidence to back it up for my rationales and that is where I am stuck. if you all know of any great scientific websites with evidence on stress overload interventions let me know thanks!