Need help with teaching plan desperatly

  1. I have to do a teaching plan to "teach" a pt with chf as a new diagnosis and I really need alot of help on it. I'm suppose to offcourse do all the parts of the teaching/nursing process. The main thing I am having issues with is figuring out the nursing diagnosis statements as I just can't quite figure out how to write them up good enoph. I need to hand this in in the morning and so any help will be very much apriciated. just to let you know what my patients problems are I will add the senario I made up for him.

    My patients name is Harold and he is 53 years old. He is cognitively slow with an IQ of 65. He lives with his wife who is also cognitively slow with an IQ of 70. He smokes and they are both over weight. They live in town less then a mile from a grocery store but they still take the bus to and from the store. Their usual meal includes hamburger and some type of potatoes usually with cheese added. They don't often eat vegetables or fruit. And they enjoy regular pop and their main beverage. They are limited as to what type of things they can afford.

    again any help would be apiciated thank you
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, strange_girl44!

    the patient's problems are:
    • cognitive impairment
    • smoker
    • overweight
    • limited financial resources
    • eats a diet high in fat and carbohydrate and lacking vegetables and fruit
    from that you develop your nursing diagnoses. a few i came up with are, but i'm sure there are others that could be developed as well:
    • deficient knowledge of disease process and proper diet r/t cognitive limitation and lack of information aeb iq of 65 and a spouse who is also cognitively impaired
    • ineffective health maintenance r/t cognitive impairment aeb lack of health-seeking behavior with regard to continued smoking
    • risk for imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements r/t obesity aeb diet high in fats and carbohydrates and lacking in vegetables and fruit
    • risk for ineffective family therapeutic regimen management r/t limits on financial resources and difficulty with adapting behavior due to cognitive limitations
    you need a proper resource to help you with choosing nursing diagnoses. rather than a nursing care plan book, you need a nursing diagnosis book or handbook.

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