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  1. Hello, My name is Melody and I am in my first semester of LPN schoo. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how I can learn body structure any better. It's the only class that I am really worried about. The problem is that if I don't have a 75 in all of my classes by the end of the semester I will get dropped from the whole thing.
    At this point I have a 65 in the class so I will have to ace the rest of it in order to pass it. So if there is any way possible you could help me I would be very gratefull, I have always wanted to be a nurse, and I don't want this one class to stop me.
    Thanks alot,
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, melody3128!

    there are anatomy weblinks posted here: - "great anatomy site" on the pre-nursing student forum.

    you should check out the "sticky" threads on these student forums on allnurses for other helpful weblinks: - the pre-nursing student forum - nursing student assistance forums - the general nursing student discussion forum

    i have 8 pages of links to pages about some kind of anatomy. i don't know which might be duplicates of one already posted on the allnurses forum above, but i do know that these are very good sites: - the home page of the above - follow links on the left side of the page to lecture notes (the general outline of the profs lectures) and study questions (answers are at the bottom of the pages). many of the sections of lecture notes have links to interesting online resources about some particular subject scattered throughout, so check out each page from top to bottom. most of the questions are multiple choice, but i did see at least one fill-in-the-blank practice test. occasionally the instructor has a link to a review sheet for the students to fill out. the section on the brain has a beautiful interactive brain tutorial for learning the cranial nerves and a test here: - a&p student help pages from santa monica college - very extensive collection of pictures and explanations and web links to all kinds of information related to a&p - this is the student online learning center for hole's anatomy and physiology textbook. - this is a very large site developed by the a&p department of the university of wisconsin to help students to study laboratory materials for practical exams - lots of labeled pictures! click on "table of contents" at the left to link into the massive information on this site. there is also a section of exam questions at the link "ap test home". - home page of the biology teacher at frederick high school in frederick, oklahoma. this instructor teaches a high school class of a&p. although you want to link into the biology ii homepage, i notice that there is information in the biology i homepage to link into that also pertains to some a&p. there are plenty of quizzes and practice exercises scattered throughout this extensive site, but i could not find any answers. presented in a little easier than college level, i thought this was an awesome introduction to a&p! - (this link may not work anymore) the intro page to the anatomy and physiology website of adlai e. stevenson high school. this is another awesome website with lots of interactive quizzes many of which are labeling exercises to help students learn anatomy. the subject areas covered are listed on the left side of the webpage and are links to the activities within each section. - pattonville high school sponsors this site, but links at the left take you to web pages with diagrams to label and some links to information on the internet about the subject - web site for indiana university a&p class - there is a link to their publishers textbook student pages. lecture notes are links into the instructor's outline of what was covered in lecture. - anatomy and physiology home page for the university of tennessee at martin. interesting set of study tips, advice and frequently asked questions about studying a&p. - links you into a bank of almost 200 practice anatomy questions (no answers given) at this site - this is a very simple review of biology subjects covered in a basic college biology class from the online site of the biology textbook maintained and written by john w. kimball, a former harvard professor.

    welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   melody3128
    Thank you so much! I will check these out, because I need all the help I can get. Thanks again,
    :wink2: Melody
  5. by   Daytonite
    Melody. . .if specific questions of anatomy come up that you are having trouble understanding, post a thread here or on the General Nursing Student Discussion Forum. You'll get help.
  6. by   Brown_1057
    Melody, here are some sites

    now melody using you school book and note connect the dots, hope these make it alot easier
  7. by   melody3128
    Thank you both so much, these websites are very helpfull, now I just need to get the info. to stick in my jammed pack brain.