Need help on ROM-range of motion

  1. I have a class called Strategies of Health Teaching and I have to teach anything about ROM using the questioning method of teaching. I've spent hours online searching for info but there isn't enough, I haven't actually learned ROM in school yet but it's a topic that was chosen for us because I'm a freshman taking a 3rd year subject (dunno why they gave this class to me already) anyway, it has to be a 10minute teaching demo so please someone help me with ways to teach this that will entertain other students. Thank you very much.
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    if you are giving your presentation to other nursing students then you might want to focus your presentation on "why" rom is important. there are two types of range of motion (rom): active and passive. we perform active rom as we each move around throughout our day. however, when a person has been incapacitated by a stroke, is unconscious and lying in a coma, or is paralyzed due to a spinal injury those activities that we all take for granted can become of source of problems for the patient. you might want to focus your presentation on the side effects of immobility or the benefits of rom. i found some websites with information on rom for you. one describes the various rom exercises of the joints. another is a powerpoint presentation that lists the side effects and benefits of the various types of rom.

    here in the u.s. there are several popular tv programs that use questioning that many nursing instructors and nurse educators in hospitals and other healthcare facilities have adapted for use in teaching students. you may have heard of them: jeopardy is one. another is who wants to be a millionaire. jeopardy is a straight question and answer format, but backwards. the contestant is given the answer and has to come up with the correct question. however, you don't have to play it that way if it will suit your presentation better to ask questions and have the audience respond with the answers. with millionaire, the contestants are presented with multiple choice questions of advancing difficulty and they must chose the correct answer from four answer choices to win. they have 3 lifelines that they can use to help them answer correctly: they can poll the audience to see what the most common response is, ask that two of the answer choices be eliminated, or they can telephone a friend for help. if you want to add some fun to any game add inexpensive prizes, such as edible snacks, for those who answer questions successfully. is there some popular quiz show in the philippines that you could model a game after for your presentation? if it's a game everyone is familiar with, you don't have to explain the rules, it engages their attention, and everyone has fun while they're learning. a concept in memorizing and learning is that most long-term memory is linked with emotion. so, if people are having fun during a learning activity, they will learn and retain it much better than just sitting and attempting to memorize the material. outside of that, you could just do a straight question and discussion to your audience such as "who can tell me one of the benefits of performing rom on an immobilized patient?", and so on. - this is a powerpoint presentation about passive range of motion exercises (prom) that might help you organize your own presentation. click "next slide" at the bottom of each page to move on to the next slide. - range of motion exercises - the benefits of physical activity - what are the benefits of physical activity? - this is from the gulanick care plan constructor for the diagnosis of impaired physical mobility. read through it since it has listed in it the effects of physical immobility.
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    I am just soooo speechless with all the help and ideas you have given me. Thank you so much! I will definitely use most of the information and ideas you have given me. I know thank you is not enough but I am really happy this site is here for all of us. Thanks again!

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    Not a problem, Marie. When you've never done anything like this before it's hard to know where to start and what to do with it. I wish you well with this project. I hope you make a big impression on everyone! Good luck!