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  1. Need help with doing a complete health history form for my nursing class, is there any websites that I could find a completed one to look at?
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    hi, trilli18!

    there are a number of weblinks that are posted in the following thread that you should explore for this information. it is one of the threads with a sticky on it. that means that it will always show up at the very top of a page of links for the forum it is listed in. sticky threads are flagged because there is useful information in them that you might want to check out. - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum)

    you may end up having to create your own form. some of the care plan books have assessment tools in them. when you say "complete health history" my mind immediate thinks of the review of systems (ros) that doctors use when documenting their history and physical. i was taught how to do this when i had to take a course in human physical assessment for my bsn program. you can see an example of how a doctor writes up an h&p at this site from the medical school at the university of california, san diego. there are two examples of how to write up h&p findings. the ros is included in them. click on "write up" to view them.

    here are some sites that i know have assessment forms on them: - from kap'olani community college in hawaii. links to templates of many kinds of forms. - client assessment tool from the indiana university school of nursing. pages 2, 3, and 4 are blank for some unknown reason. - patient history and physical assessment tool - an example of an admission assessment form - a 4-page adult nursing admission history form. you may need to register on the site to access the file - a 5-page nursing admission assessment form. you may need to register on the site to access the file.

    see you on the forums! welcome to allnurses!