1. hello...i am 5 mos into a LPN program........we have started meds.....learning to pass and do injections for now.....but the instructors are slowy getting into the dif meds and isnt an everyday thing and they say it takes alot of independent study on our parts to get thru the meds and their my question for you all....HOW? how did you remember them....what they do.....their classes and side effects and nursing interventions....????
    we go to clinic m and t....and i have been starting to see the regulars meds come that helps abit.......other than that....i am lost.....

    i am 45 and decided to go back for LPN cause i have always wanted to be a nurse......been married for 20 yrs.....youngest is 10,oldest is 19.....been a stay at home mom for 19 is great i love it.....i go the same hours as my youngest so that works out perfect.....

    any suggestion on meds would be a helpthanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    one of the reasons most nursing programs have students make drug cards is for this very reason--to help you remember these drugs. giving a drug once or twice just doesn't do it. it takes working and handling the drug many, many, many times and looking up the information about it, sometimes multiple times, before the information starts to sink in. it's because there are so many drugs and so many of them are similar. we have all gone through this. (by the way, i've been an rn for 32 years.) just keep plugging away at it. keep a drug book with you, or just continue to look up every drug you give and/or make a drug card for every one you give. eventually, your repertoire of drugs will grow.