Medication Error Interview

  1. Hi,
    I am a first semester nursing student who has an assignment to interview 1 staff and 1 charge/supervising nurse regarding medication errors. Please let me know if anyone can help with this assignment. Thank you very much!!
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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    I got written up once for a med error. It was my first day at a LTC facility. The person who was orienting me had me pop out the pills for this particular resident, who I had already seen throw a huge fit, throwing things, and yelling and hitting. The person orienting me said "Just go in there and put them on his table. If you watch him, he will hit you." She stood at the door, and introduced him to me. Right as we shut the door leaving, State walked in. I knew I should watch my residents take their medicines but I have also learned that in nursing you some times do not go by the book, I had 50 residents to pass meds to in my 2 hour time period. So I did what my "supervisor" said. At the time she was some type of ADON or some such. She has since been fired, or so I have heard. But I got written up, but she did not. Even though I was following directions of a supervisor. Since then I don't listen to what others say.