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  1. :uhoh21: med surg wow can anyone tell me a web site to help study for the nervous system disorders and endocrine disorders?? any help would be appreciated ...
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    endocrine seems to be a big stumbling block for a lot of people. here are some links, including those for reviewing the anatomy. i've also included two medical school sites on physical examination because i know that they include abnormal findings and address some of the diseases as part of the physical examination process on their pages. just link to the neuro or body area where a hormone is secreted to find some of this information. there's a lot for you to explore here! endocrine anatomy links endocrine anatomy links - hyperbrain. everything you wanted to know about the brain from the university of utah. - endocrine endocrine disorders. - diabetes health online. has a lot of good information on the types of dm, signs and symptoms, diet and nutrition, insulin and other drugs used to treat it, procedures and tests as well as animations about disease conditions related to diabetes. - "learn about diabetes" from vanderbilt eskind diabetes center - the american diabetes association home page

    medline plus - search this website for specific diseases. information here is for the general public so will be easier presentations to understand. if you are not already familiar with this website you should explore the resources available here as there is a lot! - this is a page of links to one page tutorials that cover endocrine diseases currently contained in the cleveland clinic disease management project website. - here is the page of links for subjects in neurology on their site - this is the first page of an index into endocrine disease subjects contained on the emedicine website. click on one and another list of articles within that category will come up. most all the articles will be currently reviewed. they are primarily written for physicians (for their continuing education credit), but you can find a lot of information on pathophysiology, diagnostics, treatment and care of many medical diseases. if you are presented with a page to log in or register, simply register. it is free and it will get you access to the pages you want to see. - these are the links to the articles they have on neurology - introduction to the nervous system. from includes link to central nervous system diseases and disorders. - a very nice site to help with doing physical assessments of patients from the university of california, san diego. explains how to examine the various parts of the body and has lots of photographs showing abnormal conditions and how to assess for them. - the physical exam - this site is set up for medical students, but nursing students can learn from it as well. this link takes you to a page of links to the various parts of the body to be examined. when you link into a body part you will find an explanation of the method to examine that site and what is normal, a button at the bottom labeled "abnormal" will bring up information about abnormal findings during examination of that site. there are also some photographs with some of the pages. the "knowledge" button gives you a little outline breakdown of the pathophysiology going on. a fourth button, "self eval" is a list of test questions--remember these are designed for medical students, so don't feel badly if you miss a few. this is from loyola university medical school.
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    WOW!!!! great links...