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  1. I was wondering if anyone here could post some links to websites with examples of letters of intent for nursing positions, or give me some exmaples as to what they should contain. I was at work (unit clerk) going through job listings and saw an opening for 11-7 in beginnings maternity. Having just attended a professionalism seminar at school and being told to apply early for the job we want when we graduate in June, I decided to apply online then and there. I got a call from HR two days later telling me I need to have a resume, a letter of recommendation from two instructors, my official transcripts, an intra-departmental transfer signed by my present boss, and a letter of intent as to why I want to work in maternity ready by January! I have no clue how to write this letter. I know why I want to work in L&D, but I want the letter to be as professional as possible. Positions in the department are hard to come by and I want to make the best first impression I can. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    what do i need to do differently for a letter of application? = letter of intent

    "a letter of application is a letter of transmittal for the resume, but it is also a place where you can highlight your capabilities and catch an employer's interest. ... you can use your letter of application to point out how you could fit into the organization and why it would be to their advantage to hire you."

    in the beginning of the letter, mention your knowledge of the organization and that you would like to work for them. in the middle, emphasize your experience and education to the reader. in the close of the letter, mention your resume and references and let them know your availability for an interview.

    george mason university - college of health and human services


    dear ms skywalker:

    since 5/1/2006, i have been a nurse extern at alpa beta hospital working on the telemetry unit and have been impressed with the orientation given to new graduates here. nurses here take an interest in sharing knowledge with students and love working here.

    i've spoken with many nurses working on xyz unit and would like to work there as the feel my skills would be a good match.. i will complete my critical care student internship at cpr hospital on 4/15/06 and will graduate with my adn degree on may 5th, 2006. i am bcls certified and have spent 3 years as a volunteer emt-b with general city ambulance corps.

    please see my resume and references which are attached.

    stuart z.


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