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  1. I'm a senior BSN student currently failing my Leadership and Management course. I'm in desperate need of help! There are no tutors in my school for this class, and I'm not allowed to drop the class because I'm failing. It's depressing to know there is a chance I will not graduate in May because of a Leadership class. Can anyone recommend any resources that may help me understand the material?
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  3. by   VickyRN
    the following will not absolutely guarantee successful completion of your leadership/ management class, but will help facilitate your successful completion of the course. as an adult learner, successful completion of the coursework depends on you - your performance, the effort you put forth, your initiative, your learning, and the grades you ultimately earn.

    please do the following:

    1) attend all class sessions. preparing for class by going over the material, attending all class sessions, and actively participating during the class sessions are all critical strategies for success in any course.
    2) read and study the required materials.
    3) respond in a timely manner to instructor or advisor e-mails warning you that you are not doing well in the course.
    4) please take the initiative to request a one-on-one conference in your instructor’s office asap. you need to discuss with your instructor your performance in the course, in what areas your performance could be improved, why you are failing, and what strategies he or she suggests you can employ to help you succeed.

    best wishes to you for success
  4. by   smurph1
    I've scheduled an appt. to meet with my instructor to see where I'm falling short. Thank you for the encouragement.
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    any updates? how was your meeting c your instructor? what's the plan?