Lazy Bowel Syndrome?

  1. I am starting a careplan and my client was admitted with a dx of Abd pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, she has a history of pancreatic cancer that resulted with a whipple's surgery 02/06. Her physician put her through a series of tests (adb ultrasound with contrast, pelvic ultrasound with contrast, MRI, scope esophageal/abdomenal) the physician discharged her today with a diagnosis of "lazy bowel syndrome". I am attempting to look this condition up to complete my etiology/pathophysiology, diagnosis, clinical s/s - manifestations and medical/nursing management information...however i am not finding any informaiton on it. Merck manual doesn't list it, it isn't in my med-surg book....

    Any ideas? I have to document my source too.

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  3. by   truern
    Shannon, do a search for atonic colon....I think you'll find the info you need