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  1. I had a pt whom had a intracranial hemorrhage his labs were pretty normal except for elevated RDW and seg and decreased lymph. could someone explain to me what these labs mean? I googled them but its just as confusing as my books.
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  3. by   Blue Cat
    What you need to do is sit down with your lab book and look at each value and write down what each abnormal could be attributed to. Then look at the list and see if there are any commonalities among them.

  4. by   RN19
    This web site really helped me out when I was trying to understand lab values. It is a really great tool and I believe a little easier than some text books Lab Tests Online: Welcome!

    The RDW is Red blood cell distribution width--it is detecting the size variation in red blood cells.

    If you are referring to lymphocytes--they produce antibodies--they are a type of B-cell.

    The SEG is a type of neutrophil-a type white blood cell

    Check out these URLs as well:
    Low White Blood Counts (Neutropenia): Cancer Center: UI Health Topics
    WBC Differential: The Test
    Medscape: Medscape Access

    Hope these help and Good luck in your studies!!!

  5. by   Esme12
    I highly recommend RN19 resources.
  6. by   bri2012
    Thank you this was very helpful!