Just got accepted.. Now what to expect?

  1. So I am super excited I got my acceptance letter this past Saturday. I am super excited for the opportunity but so far it's been steeped in mounds of paperwork to be completed and not to mention a pretty comprehensive list of costs. Apart from all the paperwork and what not, What can I expect between now and August 20th [Orientation Day]
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  3. by   nursej22
    You should spend time with your loved ones and make it clear that they will not see much of you once school starts. Really. If there is any thing that you need to do that is going to take a day or two to finish, or perhaps recover from (such as dental work, overnight trip) get it done before school starts.

    Make sure you have a working computer and good internet connection. Create a study space where you won't be interrupted. Perhaps explore making up meal plans; assure that you have reliable transportation; get any scrubs if required and comfortable shoes. And more socks and underwear.
  4. by   Acouts1853
    Thanks for the advice. I've scheduled some dental work after we get back from being out of the country. As for my folks. Well I come from a long line of nurses so they know they won't be seeing much of me.

    Any particular kind of shoe/sock you would recommend? People say they like new balances and compression socks but I don't really know.
  5. by   nursej22
    The are lots of threads about shoes on Allnurses, not every shoe fits every foot well, so try on several. i personally like Dansko. Compression socks are nice but not necessary, at least for school. When you start working 12 hour shifts they would be nice.

    But get more every day socks and undies. You don't want to be rushing to leave for class or clinical and realize you don't have any clean ones.