Isolation Precaution - Rubella and Rubeola

  1. Hello! I am having a hard time figuring out which precuations are required for rubella and rubeola. I read the article on here about precautions. In the article it stated that measles (rubeola) is airborne precautions. Rubella (measles) is droplet precautions. Then, in the comments it stated "Rubella (measles) is droplet precautions for the first 4 days after onset of rash and then airborne from there on out. It can be spread by respiratory secretions and urine (in congenital cases). So for the NCLEX, for rubella would I answer droplet precautions?

    My Saunders NCLEX Review Book (7th edition) states that measles are airborne and rubella is droplet. When it states measles does it mean rubeola?

    So, my question is, if answering a question on the NCLEX. If the question asks about rubella, I would answer droplet precautions. If the question asks about rubeola, I would answer airborne precautions?
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  3. by   nursej22
    The NCLEX is not going to go into that much detail about rubella vs. rubeola. What is important is that you know the difference between airborne and droplet precautions, as well the other precautions.
  4. by   OneWhisper
    Great! Thanks!