Is there a website

  1. that has a tutorial for injections with pediatrics or if not, adults? I had my first pediatric shots on Tuesday and my first patient was three years old. She literally flipped out, screaming, tensing up and crying. It was the most horrible experience to me I have ever had. I tried to insert the needle and when she tensed up, the needle wouldn't go in and I started to shake and get really nervous. I basically told the nurse I couldn't do it because I was too afraid. I've never had that happen, but the little girl was screaming and she was fighting. The tears were pouring down her face like I was going to hurt her. It was soo sad, I felt so bad for her

    Right after she got her immunizations, I gave her little sister three and everything was fine. I then gave another infant and that was fine. I also gave an adult her tetanus and ppd and Hep A and all were perfect.

    I want to look over the injections, the areas AGAIN, just to make sure I am comfortable since flu season is here and I have to give many many shots to both the adults and pediatrics. I think my fear of needles got to me Tuesday and I don't want that to happen ever again

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