Interventions for constipation

  1. My Nusing Diagnosis is constipation. I know some interventions but the problem is my pt. is NPO. So i cant say increase her fiber intake or anything like that. She is on no laxatives and stool softeners. She had a colon resection. Sorry if this is vague but do you have any ideas for constipation. For example I have intervention: encourage pt to be involved in ADL's and to walk halls every day.
    Rationale:Movement helps cause an increase in peristalsis.

    Any ideas. Im stuck thanks.
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  3. by   jaimemds
    Actually, you can increase fiber by either changing the tube feeding(consult dietician) and using Benefiber as it does not clump or get thick, you can put it in the flush water and it will go down without diff. Hope I helped.
  4. by   PJMommy
    Ducolax suppository
  5. by   AKAKatydid
    How about auscultate bowel sounds. Rationale: Bowel sounds are generally decereased during constipation.

    If pt had colon resection, you will need to be checking this, to monitor when peristalsis begins to kick back in.

    As a side note: Personally, I don't think I would use constipation as a diagnosis for a patient that had a colon resection. (Risk of constipation is a possibility, but still kind of iffy) Keep in mind that before a resection surgery, the patient is on a Clear Liquid diet and has had enemas to clear themselves out. And since you said she is NPO, she may not really be constipated - may actually just have nothing in her intestines.

    Good luck to you!!
  6. by   Nrs_angie
    Katy is right... if she had a bowel resection she was cleaned out with enemas... so there is nothing in her bowel. She might have been NPO for this probably an entire day or two before the surgery... so she will have no food means no bowel movement. Did she also have a stoma formed? Did she have an ostomy done?

    If you are doing constipation:
    here are some nursing interventions:
    Review current medications- many meds affect bowel function including opioids, antidepressants, antihypertensives, diuretics, NSAIDS, aluminum antacids, iron supplements, and muscle relaxants.
    Request order for stool softeners if on opioids- opioids cause constipation
    Palpate for abd distention, and ausculatate bowel sounds- the abd is often distended, with abd rigidity and tenderness and a palpable colon in pt's with constipation
    Increase fluid intake of 1.5-2 L/day- adequate fluid intake is necessary to prevent hard, dry stools.