I'm losing my mind....

  1. We had a huge test today and the teacher is not giving the grades out until Tuesday! I hate waiting!! lol Anyway, there have been a couple questions bothering me and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think...

    1. Which cannot be delegated to UAP? - toilet training a pt, turning a pt w/ a pressure ulcer, or feeding a pt w/ dysphagia. I said Feeding b/c I'm figuring the toilet training is teaching which should be done by a RN.

    2. If a pt's on Bactrim what follow up test should be done. CBC, culture, or serum creatinine. I guessed culture

    3. If someone calls the hospital to tell you they have been vomiting for 24 hrs and diarrhea for 24 hrs do you tell them to drink gatorade or ask about the stool color and frequency first. I said asses the stool before implamenting. (In case its bloody!)

    4. 4 pain with kidney stones do u administer antispasmotic and narcotics on a regular basis, or anstispasmatics when pain is reported, or narcotics on a regular basis?

    I appreciate any feedback!!! Thanks!!
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