ideas for psychiatirc pharmocology review??

  1. Hello future nurse and leaders!!

    Does any one have any leads on online NCLEX Psychiatric Pharmocology review questions? I am a senior nursing student in my Psych rotation.
    We had a test yesterday, I passed, my feeling is that I was weak in the pharmacology area. I have NCLEX review books like Saunders and Mosby's
    NCLEX review. They are great review resources, however, the pharmacology questions to me seem limited. I need to have a more comprehensive review for the final test in two weeks.

    P.S. How do you top students structure your pharm studies. For example,
    There are two many drug to drug contraindications, side effects, etc.
    I try learning them by drug classification, does anyone have a better idea?

    any help will be highly appreciated

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