1. Hiii...

    I am confused about something that I know the answer too I believe, but I am fumbling in my head with it now and have somehow, confused myself.

    In the neginning stages of ICP, your vital signs are really of no help, correct? It isn't until the advanced stage of ICP that you see a decrease in HR, an increase in temp, increase in respiration (cheyne stokes) and ALSO this is where I am confused..an increase in BP?

    B/c someone told me that there is a widening pulse pressure and then as pressure continues on the brain, the BP will drop. The widening pulse pressure is the systolic rising and the diastolic decreasing and therefore, that is why there is the initial rise in BP?

    Am I confusing myself more? Maybe I have been studying too much and my brain is freezing on me? please help thanks.
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