i need help on Nursing theories!

  1. well..... i'm a student from silliman university here in philippines.
    as a freshmen i dont know much about the course i'm taking.
    actually we have our project about nursing theories. my assigned theory is about the theory of jean watson. it's a collage about it.
    my problem is the materials. i found no magazines or newspapers that fit to my project. i almost lost hope if i'm able to pass that project coz i'm finding that kind of magazines for almost a month. if i search the internet, i am afraid that me and my classmates may have thesame work.
    please help me! give me some links on it or send me directly to my email address the pictures that i need, you can also send me message to PM System.i need pictures that has the theme of watsons theory
    please help me!
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  3. by   Kristiern1
    I would encourage you to search the net. It doesnt matter where you get your information, as the basis to the theory will be the same, just be original in your presentation. Do a google search for Jean Watson....good luck, most all of us have done something similar in the past.
  4. by   1Tulip
    Hello Rain05.

    Yes, Jean Watson has her own web page. You can google it. Or, you can try going to (I'm copying this off of a down-load I made)


    On her page she uses images of women in nuturing roles. One of them I'm looking at seems to be a woman with three children, one in arms, with a lot of fruit in the background. The other image on her web page looks like a Greek or Roman fresco with a woman who has a basket of baked goods and she's handing a pastry or bisquit to something that might be a cherub. Elsewhere she has a picture of planet earth being surrounded by a pair of hands.

    What you might pick up here is that Jean Watson is very religious but not Christian. (She may or may not be a Christian, that's not clear one way or another.) But her theory is very pagan in the sense that her theory is that we are All part of the One. None of us are truely separate from any other thing in the universe. We are all connected by our energy fields.

    So any images of a goddess figure would probably work for your collage.

    If you want to read a hot debate about Nsg Theory go to the Graduate Student MSN/FNP/PhD Discussion group and pull up a thread called "I *do* recognize the importance of nursing theory" You'll find that Watson is a very controversial figure.

    My advice, however, if you want to pass your class in Nursing Theory is to not fight it. Just do your assignments and pretend you find theory fascinating.