how to organize my reading material for study

  1. Hey Everyone:

    Well my big day has arrived and I'm overwhelmed with all of the material to read and sort through. I can't seem to get a handle of the "best" way to organize all of this to make it helpful to study. Does anyone know a method that would be helpful to organize ALL of the reading and is it safe to follow and learn the only the objectives for each reading assignment. In other words is there a "pattern" I should be looking for interms of studying the material? Any help would be so appreciated. I think once I have it all organized and a specific system I will feel much better.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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  3. by   VickyRN
    My method was to skim - read chapter objectives and introduction. Then read chapter summary. Then read highlighted parts in each section of the chapter. Then go back to thoroughly read or review concepts not well-understood.

    Good advice here: (Click under a Strategy for Reading Textbooks on left.)
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  4. by   cclife06

    Thanks for your help. I will try that method. Do you think note cards will be helpful? It just seems like soo much info all at once and I'm not sure where to begin. I think doing the objectives are a must though!

    Thanks again!

  5. by   RN1263
    making your own flashcards is great if you can keep up w/ doing them. i have always made flashcards, but this semester (3rd) i'm going to try getting all key info. on to the powerpoint notes and studing off of those. if i don't do well on the first test, then i'm going to go back to flashcards!
  6. by   cclife06
    dijmart - thanks for your response. I'm going to skim, reread and review her powerpoint slides. I think the material that I'm unsure of I will reread again and ask questions.

    Thanks so much.

  7. by   RN1263
    oh, i thought of another thing i'm doing that may help. highlight key points from the book "while" you're reading & after you've had lecture add to your powerpoint notes the "key" highlighted points from the book. that way your notes are complete and in one area. also, if you decide to do flashcards, it's at this point that you write them up.:wink2: