how to be a good ICU nurse?

  1. Guys! I need a help... I will have my duty in ICU this coming sunday 10-6 shift and it is my first time to be an ICU student nurse.. I dont have an idea how to be a good nurse in ICU I dont even know what is my role their.. Im a little bit worried, I dont want to be an emptyheaded infront of my C.I. HELP..
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    here is some reading and information for you. the first link is an information booklet that was written for the families of patients who are in the intensive care units, so it will give you an overall look in a simple language of what goes on in the icu's. i've also listed a lot of sites where you can get plenty of information about icu procedures and nursing skills that are done there. happy reading! this should fill your head up! - a primer on critical care for patients and their families from the american thoracic society. there is a wealth of information here the includes discussions of the purpose of the intensive care unit, common illnesses of patients in the intensive care units, icu devices and procedures (foleys, stomach tubes, arterial catheters, central venous catheters, right heart catheterization, mechanical ventilation, weaning from the ventilator, tracheostomy, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, thoracentesis, chest tubes, bronchoscopy and hemodialysis), making decisions about the end of life, living wills, medical futility, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments, commonly asked questions, a guideline to advanced directives - nurse bob's micu/icu survival guide - thread in general nursing student discussion forum, "critical care help" - critical care medicine tutorials for medical students. some of the information here is very scholarly. topics include introduction to critical care, problem orientated approach, respiratory failure, shock, renal failure and sepsis. there is a great deal of information at this site. you have to surf around, especially using the links to see what is there if you don't want to read what is on the entire site. these are links into overviews of some of the topics that might interest you. there is much more specific information on these topics at this site. - acid base balance in critical care medicine, a 32 page document - respiratory failure - sepsis - hemodynamics (shock and hypotension)'tbreathe.htm (part 1)'tbreatheii.htm (part 2) - "i can't breathe!" 38 respiratory problems in the er. the links are for part 1 and part 2 of this very educational article. scenarios with focus on the problem solving of respiratory problems. each case will tell you what is going on, what needs to be done for the patient immediately and why. (emergency nursing) - the 10 commandments of airway management - difficult airway management: action-plan for airway problems from hell! more for emergency situations, but good to know what you need to have ready if you're not the one doing the intubating! - emergency room and icu procedures tutorials links and this link is for nursing procedure in the er - links to icu procedures - icu procedures, many links to lots of nursing procedures ekg interpretation for healthcare professionals from kaua'i community college nursing school - electrolyte and medications: effect on ekgs from kaua'i community college nursing school is just one section from the above site - this is a free online tutorial on how to use the pulmonary artery catheter in the clinical environment. you have to register to access this tutorial, but it is free. - listing of videos of procedures and skills from er nurse, some paramedic skills here also

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