how to answer "why should we hire you in the critical care internship?'

  1. I have to answer "Why should you be hired for the Critical Care Internship Program?" I know how to answer it for a real interview, but in this instance we are still learning to develop skills and knowledge. I tried getting into the program once and I was not selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   Spoiled1
    Why don't you answer it the same way you would for an actual interview? What's the difference? I think they know you're still learning to develop skills and knowledge (which you could say), so they won't expect you to know everything. The point of the internship is to teach you how to be a critical care nurse. The biggest piece is are you teachable? How proactive are you, can you take direction, do you ask questions (and please ask questions), do you work well as a team? Critical care as a new grad is brutal, so think long and hard about why you want to do it. You must go in with a strong, and solid foundation of nursing. Please be prepared to work hard--there will likely be some classes and homework involved in the program as well. Good luck!
  4. by   BostonRN13
    Because I'm motivated to learn and ready to work hard, I'm good at collaborating with others in a team approach and I want to be a part of this hospitals team! etcetera...
    Give solid examples for each of these things. That's all they're looking for I'm sure..