hospice care

  1. A old man has his family. Admitted to ICU for his end-of-stage emphysema.
    His lung is almost totally damaged. A ventilator is used to maintain his life........Could he be refered to hospice care? What hospice care could provide to him?
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  3. by   muffie
    why ventilate him if he is dying
    that would prolong his life
    am i wrong here ?
    depends on his wishes
  4. by   yatyu
    ............Sorry! maybe there is a confusion.....ventilator is used to maintain his respiration BEFORE doctor diagnosed his end-of-stage emphysema.....Afterthat, doctor prescribed "limitation of therapy" and want to remove his ventilator. However, his families refused.

    Could we suggest them to use hospice care service??
  5. by   ginger58
    Yes, you can see if the family is open to a hospice consult. People that do this type of work are very good about explaining options, what certain options would mean to the person, and how the pt. could be kept comfortable.
  6. by   fleur-de-lis
    Does the nurse usually bring up the topic of hospice? It was my understanding that the Dr usually did, unless that family asks, but I guess it differs depending on the situation. Some families are strictly opposed to hospice - I would hate to bring it up to them when they have already expressed their wishes against it and I did not know it.