Hesi Help Please!

  1. To any that have taken and/or successfully passed the HESI, please post your comments and reccommendations.
    Our school is mandating that we take it this year after our med-surg final and I would really like to get the scoop on what it's like, what's the best way to prepare, etc.
    Thanks for all of your help!!
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  3. by   LPN2RN05
    I have been studying the nclex questions on the cd to get ready for the HESI..since they are formatted the same!!
  4. by   grinnurse
    I feel for ya cause I am in the same boat. We take ours next Friday. The ways that I have prepared for them in the past was to look over that semesters lecture notes and answer questions out of the Lippincott RN Q&A book. To me, and this is strictly, IMO, these questions have always been far easier than the tests that we take at school!! :chuckle I always freak out about them though The good thing at my school is that they can't make me or break me. We are supposed to get a 900 (never have understood what this means) and if we don't, we get remediation on all the content covered on the test. So far, I haven't had to do that but did have some friends that did over Christmas break. We all sat down and went through them and it helped me review!!

    I will tell you and myself to remain calm................. :uhoh21:
  5. by   mrigas
    Thank you for your opinion. I actually am not too worried about it but I feel as if it is something that I should be worried about...I'm like that though.

    Congradulations on getting through nursing school (almost)!
  6. by   stressgal
    We are required to take the HESI at the end of quarter three and quarter six during a seven quarter program. I received a grade well over the schools required grade after last quarter (quarter three for me). I routinely use Saunders NCLEX review and even purchased the HESI NCLEX review book from their web page. I really do like the HESI book as it is spiral bound and formated in an outline form.
    The test we take is to assess where our strengths lie. It will simply show you the areas you need to work on.
  7. by   zenfeck
    I took it last Friday and thought I had failed it for sure. I ended up with a 916, not the best score, but not failing. Just relax and take some deep breaths! In the end you will see what a great tool it is in that it identifies areas where you may need some polishing up. I hope you do well!