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  1. Can someone please share some tricks to passing this dang HESI... I am willing to do whatever it takes to pass... I just want to pass. Please share any study material I can buy or study techniques I can use.... Thanks in advance.... I guess I am a Loser because I cant pass this dang test....
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  3. by   Hebrews 13:5
    I don't think you are a loser Leena. Having passed through the "hard horizon" of nursing school, i bet you can also scale thru that hesi. Don't call yourself a loser. We were all scared by this hesi but i tell you, a lot of people couldn't pass hesi because they have so much glorified hesi and become so afraid of it that they get to the exam hall and go blank. My advise to you would be to be calm. Be very very calm during the exam. Don't get nervous when you see people leaving the hall before you. I used saunders to study for hesi. I had to put aside their book and CD becasue that CD was somewhat depressing to me. I don't think i made more than 78% in all the programs i took on that CD. I used saunders book and CD and then went thru hesi hints afterwards. So, if you can, use saunders(concentrating on your weakest areas and walking up that way to your best areas.) I also found saunders Q & A book very helpful. A lot of the saunders questions were very similar to hesi.Just be sure to read the questions and go thru the rationales too. Read the questions, think about it and go straight to the answer and be sure to read all the rationales. I figured having to answer about a 100 questions and grading it later was a waste of my time. So, i basically read and check the answer. The only thing i did to work on my endurance was to sit down and finish about 150-200 questions at a time on the saunders CD. You know the hesi itself is like 160 questions. More importantly, pray that God will help you succeed. Think winning this hesi instead of losing. Be calm.You'll make it! Hesi was a lot easier than we had thought. I ended up making over a 1000. . Read carefully, always narrow it to 2 and select your best.Know your math conversions so you get all the maths because they carry more points.Be sure to look at the answer very well before clicking next. Type correctly for "fill-in-the blanks". If they type only the answer , do just that, don't inlude any other thing. You can do this thing. I wish you ALL the BEST. GOODLUCK!!!
  4. by   Tbone3
    Please don't call yourself a loser. If you feel defeated then that is exactly what will happen. HESI is just a test! It took me taking that exam four times before I realized it. You must pray and ask that God remove your fear so that you can study effectively and so that you can sit and take the exam w/o anxiety, it will make all the difference.
    Before I took HESI the first two times I didn't get a chance to really study because it was nine days before graduation and we were still taking finals, writing care plans, etc... When I took it the 3rd time I had an anxiety attack. But on the 4th and final try I really studied but I didn't over do it.
    When I finally passed HESI I felt as if the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. It can be done.
    What I realized after taking it four times is that the questions that are worth the most points is the following:
    Adv clinical concepts (ie, d-fib vs cardioversion, cpr)
    Med-surg(resp & cardiac diseases)
    The is a lot of delegation questions but not sure if those are worth a lot. Some say math is worth a lot but I really don't think so.
    Know that hesi review book and break up your time to do questions the more you practice with exam questions the better you'll get. I also used Saunder's Comprehensive Review book. I didn't use it until I was preparing for it the exam for the fourth time. So that should say how good the book is.
    Please PM if you have any other questions. I visit this site often looking for those of you seeking advice about this test because I don't want people going through what me and my classmates went through with HESI.

    Best Wishes.