Hepatic Laceration???

  1. I am trying to find some information on liver lacerations (and its implications). I haven't been too successful so of course I came here for help

    The client I am caring for has a hepatic laceration secondary to lap. cholescystectomy she had a week ago....

    Anyone that has cared for similar patients or know of some great websites are welcome (and encouraged) to respond! THANKS!!
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  3. by   BBFRN

    Here's a good article on liver lacs. Most of my experience with them has been in trauma, with blunt force abdominal injuries. It's pretty common with this type of injury.

    From a nursing standpoint, watch your H&H, PLT count, and liver enzymes. If your pt is getting anything with Tylenol for pain (like Percocet or Lortab), get it changed to something that is not so hard on the liver, like MS04. As long as one of the blood vessels weren't nicked, your pt should recover quite easily. She will probably get multiple CTs to monitor her progress and any hematomas that have developed around the organ.
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    Thanks Baptized
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