help with problem based learning exercise

  1. i am a third year nursing student who needs some hlp with the leagl issures surrounding a situation the problem that we have been given is

    it is 12:00 and a staff nurse has phoned in sick for the late shift.

    we have to explore the management and leagal issues surroundingthis situation.

    any help at all would be welcome

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  3. by   flaerman
    Alright let's see what I can do for you. Several factors need to be considered
    -what types of shift? 8 hrs(11-7, or 4-12) or 12 hrs(7P-7A)
    -what type of unit(M/S, PCU, ICU, or ER)
    if critical care can we downgrade and move patients to fit staffing patterns?

    Need to look at patient numbers and see how callout will affect the unit and safety of the patients. Do we have any PRN we can call to see if they can work, if not break out night shift, who's not working that we can call?? Make a deal, see if you overstaffed on an upcoming night, if someone doesn't want overtime particularly maybe make a deal("hey can you work tonite and be off on Sat.") with them. What is the overtime policy of your facility(there are few places that have a mandatory overtime commitment, but that doesn't always make for a particularly happy staff member either)? Where I work we do 12 hr shifts and offer a $100.00 bonus for any 12 hrs shift worked in addition to regular 3 shifts(6 shifts per pay period)week requirement. If staffing falls below a certain fixed point double time is offered to any staff willing to work shift(ie; our ER minimumu is 4 nurses, if 2 scheduled then the first 2 to offer to work that shift qualify for double-time). Last and formost if you can't get anyone else or decrease patient census to fit staffing pattern minus one(callout) is agency available?? As an Administrative Nursing Supervisor this something that I deal with on a regular basis. One other option is there an extra nurse on another unit that I can pull to the affected unit. When all esle fails you thin down the census where you can, get an extra tech or two and try to hold on admitting any pt's to that unit unless they maybe have discharges(then I will trade an admit per discharge) but I don't personally believe in:
    a) killing and/or endangering my staff
    b) putting the safety of patients in jeopardy("DO NO HARM")
    c) provide the best staffing possible to accomadate care of my patients and
    still be able to utilize available beds for those coming via ER, direct admit.

    Hope this helps, if you need anymore PM me.... flaerman