Help with care plan for "comfort care only"

  1. I'm trying to come up with a nursing diagnosis for a 99 yr. old dying woman.
    Weight 70 lbs.
    BP 80/60 -74/40
    resp 20
    pulse 88/64 irreg.
    temp. 96.8
    refusing to eat for 2 days
    IV- D5W 50mL/hr
    Morphine 2mg q 2hrs.

    We do still turn her so I was thinking "Risk for Impaired skin integrity"?
    I need help with this one. Anyone else have a situation like this, and what did you use?

    Thank You for any help

    It was a very moving experience for me last week. A woman from hospice came in a played acoustic guitar and sang to this woman while her family was there. I was brought to tears.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    use the adult failure to thrive diagnosis. see these weblinks for the types of subjects and care involved with the end of life.