Help wanted for picking classes

  1. Today was my first day of school as a freshman in college taking pre nursing. Here is a list of my classes i just wanted to know is this to much of a work load for a freshman.

    Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Intro to Inorganic Chemistry
    Introduction to Nursing
    Principles of Psychology
    Freshman Composition

    and one other class thats not that bad, but i need help finding text books because students have been paying 800-1000$ for there text books but i dont have that type of money to spend. I know God is going to bless me i just wanted to know does any body have any advice were i could look for cheaper books and i also need them immediatley because i would hate to get behind in my classes.

    Thanks to all and keep me in your prayers!!!!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I would say that the appropriate courseload would depend on the student. Your best bet is to sit down with an academic advisor who may know more about you.

    For cheap textbooks, was a website that came highly recommended on another thread today.