help remembering mnemonic for needle gauge

  1. Hopefully someone can help me remember the mnemonic for needle gauge. I wrote it down but now that I need it. It is no where to be found. Here is what I remember

    "green" with envy=larger gauge 18
    "true blue"=22gauge
    "your chicken"= yellow 24gauge

    thanks in advance for any help
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I've never heard of a mnemonic for this. I also need to warn you that the cannula colors are not standardized. Different manufacturers use different colors on the hubs. This is what I do know:
    • violet or lavender = 26 gauge
    • yellow = 24 gauge
    • light blue = 22 gauge
    • green (Becton Dickinson) or pink (most others) = 20 gauge
    • brown (Becton Dickinson) or green (most others) = 18 gauge
    • gray = 16 gauge
    • red, dark pink or orange = 14 gauge
  4. by   Tnurse3329
    Thanks for the info Daytonite....